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The GIG Partner Center designed to inform existing and prospective investors regarding GIG Music Groups short and long-term strategy, business drivers, sales outcomes, artist portfolio and business model. The information made available on our website is designed to supplement your research and highlight specific areas of company initiatives. Additional information and/or the most up-to-date financial information can be issued upon request to our corporate office.

GIG Music Group provides expert supportive and production services within the independent music production industry. This includes artist management, song writing, music production, business jingle development, beat production and consulting. Simply, we provide pure, timeless and original music without sacrificing commercial value. Our service reaches artists, small business, producers and consumers. Therefore, we have a diverse portfolio of revenue channels that allows flexibility and security net for investors. GIG Music Group has the flexibility to determine the optimal positioning for both long and short strategies. In short, GIG Music Group produces income through established revenue channels and has the ability to generate large profits in the management and production areas.

GIG Music Group was founded in 2010, operations in Tampa, Florida and has a focus on production of independent Hip-Hop, Latin Pop, R&B and Reggaeton music. GIG Music Group’s corporate team has been active in the music industry for over 26 years.

The Executive Team’s success is highlighted by nominations and awards ranging from the Grammys, American Music Awards, Billboard Awards, Soultrain Awards, MTV Awards, and BET Awards. Recognition in these areas were achieved by our top Executives, Maquet Robinson (Member of Special Generation) and Obie Bermudez. In addition, they have also been a part of Diamond and Double Platinum Plaques with extensive records sales, which number at 28 million as of 2015.

According to Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the United States music industry experienced an 8.1 percent growth in overall revenue during the first half of this year (September 2016). In fact, the overall market is estimated to be worth $3.43 billion, up from $3.17 billion in the first half of 2015.

Independent Music Production Grows

Vinyl, the darling of indie retailers and indie labels, might finally be peaking. While Nielsen Music data -- which measures scans at the cash register for sales to consumers - shows vinyl album units up this year, the RIAA’s count -- which tracks album shipments to retailers -- sees the format backsliding, to 8.4 million units from 9.2 million in the prior year.

As of October 31, 2016, GIG Music Group has experienced a strong national presence growth and branding through the promotion of “Fully Loaded” by one of their newest artists “Skully”. Recognition has even reach Europe and other International Charts. GIG Music Group will build on this momentum with the introduction of Mia Vernaza and her new single “Mi Soledad” the 2nd quarter of 2017. A song focused on the Latin audience. With the Spanish-speaking population growing in the United States and the economic advances by Hispanics worldwide, we are positioning the company for new growth.

The core drivers that help us navigate through the complex music industry were developed after extensive research and examination of modern consumer communication channels. Our approach involves interaction points that are on the cutting-edge of music streaming technology; delivering the most efficient channels toward profitability in each service segment. The primary focus ofstrategy is our growing core Artist Management business. This area holds the most promise for high returns and further industry recognition, as several of our artists have the ability to produce a top rated single within 12-months. The artists we serve are sensitive to creativity, flexibility and performance. This is the reason that we have been chosen by two of the most promising artists. The introduction of Skully in English and Mia Vernaza in Spanish allows us to reach consumers with two very different products. This competitive edge will allow us to build our reputation within the industry and attract profitable opportunities for more singles and albums. We also have experienced more effective negotiation leverage with distributors, venue management and online 3rd party resources. We have found that the demand for high-quality Hip Hop and Latin Music to be on the uptick. Therefore, our Production Team was very careful to create music that is in high-demand from the consumer standpoint.


GIG Music Group provide expert Artist Management to promising artist looking to move into the music industry on a professional level. They come to us because we have the right formula to bring them optimal success and allow them freedom to maintain their personal creativity. With 26 years of experience in the industry, our Executive Team has the experience to streamline the route to the charts. Revenue from music sales can be limitless and lead to additional opportunities in concert sales receipts, appearances, commercials, etc.

GIG Boot Camp

The GIG Boot Camp is designed to challenge new artists and open their minds to new ideas. The program is a detailed training program taught by our top producers. New artists are individually trained in money management, public relations, music industry standards, modern fan interaction and other artist career-building area.This area is very popular and produces excellent income for GIG Music Group.


Our music production assistance is a service offered to assist independent artists with top engineers that are creative, experienced and innovative. We generate a steady stream of income in our state-of-the-arts Tampa Studio. In addition, we make available studio space at an hourly rate for artists that need to tape a mix or improve their portfolios.


Our team of songwriters specialize in R&B, hip-hop, Pop as well as Latin music. Our writing staff is composed of writers that have written or collaborated on many number one hits. GIG Music Group has a powerful portfolio of agents, staff and sub-publishers that pitch and license songs for use in commercials, independent film, shows and other areas.


GIG houses the production team “Beataholic”. They are composed of a group of credible producers that can provide any type of production - at any time. This on-demand area allows artists and enthusiasts to schedule time on a mobile device and connect with our top producers to prepare a team for their arrival. Payments are made prior to scheduling and GIG Music Group enjoys excellent net profit margins in this area. We will be expanding our capacity in this area in early 2017.


A key aspect in the jingle business is to create the proper catchy sound for a promotion. We have an effective process of finding the right combination for any business or product.

GIG Music Group has remained profitable since it was born in 2010. We accomplished this through careful decision-making and understanding market forecast. Our business model is an ecosystem of exceptional programs that always produce excellent results. These same principles are applied to investment monies and the results have always been the same – great returns. In fact, return have performed in correlation to other investment options. The advantage that we have is that we have been able to develop the perfect platform for rapid growth, without the risk. We are careful to build infrastructure, while advancing objectives and retaining profits.