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October 2016

GIG Music Group is thrilled to announce the release of debut single from Skully, “Fully Loaded”, which is available on the internet. The track is Skully’s debut to the Hip Hop and Rap music genre and is already gaining huge popularity. After months of writing and planning, the track was finally produced in the Record label’s music studio, in the first quarter of 2016. The song has a unique sound that cuts through the imagination of listeners and affects their soul. It is a sound born out of many years of hard work, commitment to an exceptional craft, knowledge gathering and pure talent.
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“Skully’s experience working with Grammy producers, Justice League, has really impacted him to deliver something that will resonate in the industry. Working with him to produce “Fully Loaded” has been very challenging, but rewarding. The ovation and credibility the song is commanding out there is a testimony that he has something big to offer the world” Said Maquet Robinson, GIG Music Group representative.

Skully, who is from Norristown, Philadelphia, grew up inspired by the great sounds of the 80s’. After moving to the Greater Tampa Bay FL area, he met with Grammy award winning group Justice League, before moving on to make his own music. After a couple of recordings that rule the nightlife in the area, he was discovered by GIG Music Group.

“Great track! The party beat makes it the ideal record for summer. Skully definitely has a hit with this one,” said Arlinda Garrette, top rated music promoter and critic.

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November 2016

GIG Music signs Mia Vernaza for the promotion of her new single “Mi Soledad” - Listen at